Mild Cases of Shingles

The virus that causes chickenpox usually remains in the body, but in a dormant form to appear later in life in the form of shingles. Shingles is therefore caused by herpes zoster virus which remains in the body after chickenpox attack. The virus known as varicella zoster is a member of the herpes family of viruses commonly known to cause viral infections such as chickenpox and shingles.

This virus can stay dormant in nerve cells after chickenpox and unexpectedly re-appear, but this time causing shingles. It mostly affects older people but it can appear in a mild form in young people with weak body immunity.

Shingles cause pains and discomfort which can disorient a person’s daily schedule. The pain it causes still remains the same whether it appears in full force or in mild form. Mild cases of shingles can last for weeks, causing excruciating pain and suffering to an individual.

After chickenpox attack, zoster virus stays in nerve cells but in a dormant form. While dormant in the nerve cells, this virus has no signs or symptoms. Its activation is what causes shingles. According to scientific findings, herpes zoster virus can be activated by stress, accident or trauma.

Its initial signs are extreme itchiness and sensations on the skin due to the nerve damages it causes. Mild cases of shingles begin with less painful sensations in a particular side such as the trunk.

Mild cases of shingles occur when vesicles form within the first few days of infection. The rushes don’t form immediately like it is when shingles get to an eruptive phase. Eruptive phase of shingles is usually characterized by severe pains causing discomfort.

Mild cases of shingles are not characterized by intense pains as the only symptom at this stage is usually tingling, sensation and some itchiness. Shingles outbreak, whether mild or not, can last for long and remain dormant in nerve cells like a time bomb just waiting for the right time to blow.


Mild cases of shingles can be treated in many different ways. Some doctors prescribe antiviral drugs. Prescribed drugs should be started within 3 days of rash appearance. Drugs like Zovirax, Valtrex and Famvir can be good options when treating shingles. It’s important to treat any shingles case as early as possible to avoid complications later.

The herpes zoster vaccine can help prevent the risks of being attacked by shingles. People aged above 60 are the most vulnerable to shingles and that’s why they are always recommended to get vaccinated against herpes zoster virus.

Our bodies require essential nutrients in order to be safe and keep diseases away. Since shingles is one of the viral infections our bodies can suffer from, we can always avoid such infections by watching what we eat. Natural foods that have lysine amino acid can be good in regulating levels of arginine in our bodies.

Arginine is an amino acid which can activate the dormant herpes zoster virus hence causing shingles. Foods rich in proteins have good amounts of lysine. You can include foods such as dairy products, eggs, meat, pineapple, apples and fish in your diet to protect your body against viral infections like shingles.

Avoid eating foods rich in arginine during a shingles attack because they can worsen the situation. Some of the foods with high arginine amounts include: tomatoes, sugars, pumpkin seeds, blackberries, grapes, chocolate, white bread and peanuts. These foods should not be part of your diet if you are suffering from shingles.

Prescription by doctors mainly work in killing pain associated with shingles, but not to permanently stop shingles. The most suitable way is to eat foods that have essential nutrients and foods capable of strengthening our immune system.

Vitamins C and B12 are known to reduce the risk of shingles attack. There are also some herbal remedies for shingles that you can use to effectively deal with shingles whether mild or not.

According to a recent study it was revealed that despite efforts made by doctors in prescribing the best drugs, patients still reported some pain due to shingles. The drugs prescribed by doctors can help reduce pain caused by shingles, but people also need to use other natural pain relieving strategies.
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