Shingles in Throat

Shingles is a viral infection caused by varicella zoster virus which also causes chickenpox. This condition is characterized by rash and blistering on the skin due to damage of nerves caused by reactivation of this virus. This virus is sometimes clinically known as herpes-virus-39HSV. It can appear in different parts of the body such as neck, thighs, eyes, face, ears and mouth.

Those who have recovered from chickenpox can later experience shingles due to reactivation of varicella zoster virus. After reactivation it can appear anywhere in the body in the form of shingles. Shingles, whether in a mild form or not, is a painful experience and it causes pain described as excruciating, electric and irritating by patients.

It can appear in the throat in the form of burning and sensational pain within the first few days. It later develops into blisters that are fluid filled which usually disappear after healing. The area of the body affected depends on the location of the nerve containing a reactivated varicella zoster virus.

Shingles can actually appear on different sides depending on the level of infection, but it mostly appears on one side. If the varicella zoster virus gets activated on a nerve located on the neck, then shingles will appear on the neck following the attack pathway.

Shingles involving the throat and internal parts of the mouth can lead to ulcers and interfere with the ability to taste. If shingles attack the neck area or parts of the throat, they can cause pain, headache, fever, swollen glands and chills.

Antiviral treatment within the first 3 days of shingles attack can help reduce pain associated with zoster. You should therefore see a doctor immediately after you detect that you have shingles so that the right medication can be used to fight the herpes zoster virus and reduce its effects.

Older people aged over 60 years are more vulnerable to shingles attack. That is why it’s recommended that people in that age bracket should go for herpes zoster vaccine to prevent them against infections. People who are vaccinated against the herpes zoster experience less severe complications compared to those who are not vaccinated in case of a shingles attack.

Transmitting shingles to a different person is usually impossible, but contracting chickenpox from a shingles patient is very likely. However, this transmission is only possible if you get into contact with the blisters which form during a shingles infection. Spreading the infection is minimal the moment blisters scrub.

Healing from shingles in throat or any part of the body normally takes about one month if your immune system is strong. If after getting the treatment you still experience some long lasting pain, you should consult a doctor because it may lead to a condition known as post-herpetic neuralgia which is worse than shingles.

The throat is usually not the location for shingles, but it does appear in rare cases. Treating throat shingles is the same treatment used in treating other forms of shingles that can appear in different parts of the body.

Doctors prefer prescribing Acyclovir over other types of drugs known to treat shingles. Acyclovir is an antiviral drug used by many doctors worldwide in the treatment of shingles. This drug should be taken within 72 hours after shingles symptoms start to show.

Our immune system can be strengthened by making changes in our lifestyle and eating a well-balanced diet. Our diet should contain foods rich in vitamins C, B and B12 and essential nutrients that our bodies need to strengthen the immune system.

Staying healthy not only involves watching what we eat but also exercising and getting sound sleep can play an important role in boosting our immune system. Shingles can appear on any part of the body and the best way to combat this viral infection is by ensuring a healthy lifestyle and living positively.

Herpes zoster can stay in dormant form in any nerve cell in the body and re-appear later after getting activated to cause shingles. This activation of a herpes zoster virus can be a result of accident, trauma, fear or stress as many scientific studies indicate.

To avoid being vulnerable to this virus, the best way would be to adopt a healthy lifestyle that ensures viral infections such as shingles to stay away.
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