Vitamins for Shingles

Every year new cases of shingles infections are diagnosed around the world. Shingles is a viral infection caused by a virus from the herpes family known as varicella zoster. This is the same virus that causes chickenpox in childhood.

It’s a condition which is likely to show up later in life among those who suffered from chickenpox in childhood. Shingles manifests itself in form of rashes on the skin causing pain and discomfort in the affected area.

Shingles can lead to a long-lasting complication known as post-herpetic neuralgia if not treated early enough. Post-herpetic neuralgia is a condition that causes pain in nerves normally after a shingles attack.

It’s a condition which affects those who fail to treat shingles early enough to stop varicella zoster from damaging more nerves. Other complications caused by shingles attack are muscle weakness, vision problems, infections, hearing problems and facial paralysis.

Shingles is a viral infection which can be treated using different drugs as some doctors recommend. However, the best way to avoid shingles attack is by maintaining strong immunity to prevent our body from being vulnerable to shingles attack.

Some drugs given to patients to fight shingles should not be seen as a long-term solution to shingles. Such drugs are only useful when it comes to killing pain resulting from shingles.

Scientific studies discovered that some vitamins can be used to help fight shingles and prevent an individual from being vulnerable to viral infections. In some cases, patients diagnosed with post-herpetic neuralgia have low vitamin C amounts in the blood.

Vitamin C is essential in fighting diseases caused by viruses or bacteria by strengthening the immune system. There is enough scientific evidence to prove that post-herpetic neuralgia patients treated with vitamin C experience decreased pain in the nerve and live a better life later after treatment.

Vitamin C should be the first treatment for patients suffering from shingles because it has been found to be a more effective way of combating viruses such varicella zoster. Vitamin C is a strong anti-viral agent capable of fighting many viral infections if administered at the right time.

To ensure that vitamin C combats shingles, it should be administered correctly and in the right dosage. If given to a patient in large doses, vitamin C can deactivate varicella zoster, the virus behind the shingles attack.

Patients attacked by shingles should not worry if their doctor prescribes vitamin C because it’s so far the best method that is in the market to fight viral infections these days.

Aggressive administration of vitamin C should continue even after rashes and lesions caused by shingles begin to disappear. This is in order to continue deactivating any active varicella zoster virus present in the body.

Eating foods rich in vitamin C during and after shingles attack is recommended by many doctors who understand the importance of high amounts of vitamin C in fighting varicella zoster virus. During a shingles attack, patients should avoid eating foods that add no value to the immune system.

Processed and junk foods should be avoided whether or not there is a shingles attack. To boost the immune system it’s recommended that we eat foods rich in essential nutrients and vitamins that our bodies need to keep diseases and infections away.

A shingles diet recommended by many dieticians should have vitamin C included in order to help fight viral infections or limit the appearance of zoster completely.

The other important vitamin required by our bodies to fight shingles is vitamin B12. Just like vitamin C, this type of vitamin is effective in shingles treatment by strengthening the immune system and preventing the body against infections like shingles.

Vitamin B12 supplements are available in shops and should be taken in the right dosages to help suppress varicella zoster virus further. The recommended dosage of vitamin B12 is normally 1000 to 2000 mcg daily.

Studies show that vitamins known to fight viral infections should be taken in large amounts in order to ensure that the virus doesn’t survive or its appearance time gets limited.

Acute viral infections such as shingles normally resolve fast if enough vitamin C and vitamin B12 is administered. For instance, regularly administering the right dosage of vitamin C can help kill pain resulting from shingles within hours.

Vitamins C and vitamin B12 are the best vitamins in fighting viral infections such as shingles, but it’s also important to eat a balanced diet to get other essential nutrients and minerals that our bodies require to fight infections.
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